Let’s work together to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses in need!

Lady's Legacy Equine Rescue , Inc.

Merlin is a 35+ year old pony gelding. He was saved with Laurel, the foal from the same lot on Friday July 10th, 2015. 

Merlin has very little teeth and needs a completely soaked diet that is easier for him to eat. He will retire and live out the rest of his life at LLER. Merlin is our very first permanent resident here at Lady's Legacy.

We are seeking monthly sponsors to help cover the daily costs of Merlin.

Thank you Christine H for sponsoring Merlin!

​We are seeking monthly sponsors for Annie to help cover her daily costs!

Annie is our second permanent resident here at LLER. She will never have to worry about being sent to slaughter ever again. She and her baby are safe. Annie is the barn favorite so it seems fitting that she be a permanent resident here for the children to love and learn to ride on!

Annie, October 2015