Let’s work together to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses in need!

Lady's Legacy Equine Rescue , Inc.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming horses from slaughter, neglect and abuse. 

Lady's story

Lined up in the auction house, March 2013. 

          Lady lookin' good september 2014.

Lady, Now that she is fully rehabbed by us!

Lady, March 2013 at Camelot Feedlot, Cranbury New Jersey
​Lady relaxing in our new barn, enjoying the good life! October 2014.
​Lady and her momma, Lydia Balioni, co founder of Lady's Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc, in May 2014. 

​It was a cold day in March of 2013, we were scanning the auction houses' Facebook page, looking for a soul to save. We were scrolling through and hip# 757 caught our eye. We knew immediately we were going to bring her home. So, we called and paid for her, sight unseen, drove 4 hours and picked her up. She was  very happy to see us, she loaded right up on the trailer and never looked back. When we arrived home, to our quarantine area, we removed her halter and let her relax. We brushed her up, fed her and called the vet out. Upon arrival, the vet determined she had foundered and would likely be lame the remainder of her days on earth as well as being swaybacked. She came back positive for strangles and an infestation of strongyles. So, we began deworming, medicating and got a farrier on board to help ease Lady's discomfort. One year later, Lady is able to walk without the use of boots on her hooves and is worm/strangles free! Today, Lady is fully rehabilitated and calls our new farm, home. We may have learned she has seasonal allergies, inflammatory airway disease and chronic laminitis, but to us, she is perfect in every way. Lady takes every horse under her wing and shows them the ropes and for these reasons, we are proud to call our rescue, Lady's Legacy, in honor of her will to survive and caring nature.